Recommended Books

Check this list of recommended books and resources from us here at SenLife to help Neurodiverse families support their children better.

What Is a Local Offer?

A Local Offer is a resource each Local Authority provides that informs people about the available support services in their local area.
But there can be challenges. Read more about it in this post.

What Is Right to Choose in the NHS World?

Discover the process of obtaining an ADHD diagnosis through the NHS and explore your rights under the NHS Right to Choose. Learn about referral wait times, choosing healthcare professionals, accessing medical records, and expressing your preferences for your child’s care.

What Therapies Are Available for ADHD?

Explore a comprehensive overview of available therapies for children with ADHD. Discover how behavioural therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, medications, sensory integration therapy, music therapy, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and parent and family support can support your child’s development.

Sensory Support from Personal Experience, by Mum of a Boy with ASD

Sensory Support from Personal Experience, by Mum of a Boy with ASD Our youngest son is 12 years old. He was diagnosed as nonverbal autistic with sensory processing disorder at 2.5 years old.He has a large vocabulary now but can only manage short sentences or 2/3 word communication. His level of understanding varies from age […]

Positive Reinforcement for Behaviour Management

Positive reinforcement is a technique for behavior management that focuses on acknowledging and rewarding desirable behavior in neurodiverse children. To implement positive reinforcement effectively, it’s essential to understand your child’s unique strengths, provide feedback, use rewards, and encourage self-reflection. Read more from the following blog post.

The ASD Assessment

After getting an ASD official diagnosis for your child, it’s best to make an ASD assessment to help you better support your child.

ASD Behaviour Trait Checker

ASD Behaviour Trait Checker If you suspect that your child has ASD, or if you have concerns that your child may be Neurodivergent but you are unsure of the condition, here is a simple ASD behaviour trait checker to begin with. If your child’s age is below three years, kindly refer to this symptom list, […]

Therapies for ASD

This blog post discusses various therapies for managing behaviors and symptoms in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).