Digital Companion 
for Neurodiverse Families

Plan with your carer network, track behaviours and learn strategies to help your child

What is a SenLife?

We are creating an App and Online Hub to deliver a platform to bring together the ND community and transform day to day lives using technical innovation.

Create insightful child profile

Track behaviour, triggers & strategies

Share with private carer network

Plan your child’s day

Learn strategies & insights

Data Insights & recommendations

Expert coaching & courses

Community building

  • Create detailed digital routines and schedules

  • Child Profile and carer feedback

  • Create detailed digital routines and schedules.
  • Connect the ND community to allow vital information sharing/support

  • Personal stories, helping people feel less alone

  • Provide critical signposting to information to help diagnosis, funding, parenting workshops, access to experts.

Plan, Track & Learn

Parents can create a digitised profile and an informative Plan to share with the carer circle.

Ability to Track behaviour and triggers, the strategies for resolution, providing invaluable data to support pre/post diagnosis.

Enable parents to Learn using the personalised bite sized modules, recommendations, tips, workshops and access to our experts and ND community.