Empowering families of Neurodivergent children to advocate for the help they need

Behaviour Tracking

Insight Reports

Document Management

Carer Communication

Expert coaching


  What is SenLife?


Capture and analyse behavioural data to create insight reports to support diagnosis, EHCP reviews, SEN plans, home strategies and medical appointments. 
Manage important documents such as school reports, medical reviews, EHCP reviews, easy to store, manage and share.
SenLife is the first platform to combine unique behavioural data with AI technology to deliver tangible results and recommendations to an overwhelmed and underserved health sector.
  • Create detailed digital routines and schedules

  • Child Profile and carer feedback

  • Create detailed digital routines and schedules.
  • Connect the ND community to allow vital information sharing/support

  • Personal stories, helping people feel less alone

  • Provide critical signposting to information to help diagnosis, funding, parenting workshops, access to experts.

Plan, Track & Learn

Parents can create a digitised profile and an informative Plan to share with the carer circle.

Ability to Track behaviour and triggers, the strategies for resolution, providing invaluable data to support pre/post diagnosis.

Enable parents to Learn using the personalised bite sized modules, recommendations, tips, workshops and access to our experts and ND community.

Thoughts from our SenLife families