What Is Right to Choose in the NHS World?

A referral via the NHS:

When you ask your NHS GP about an ADHD diagnosis you will be referred to your NHS Trust’s local mental health service. In general, the wait times are over 2 years depending on your area. Ask your GP to find out what the current wait times are in your area before considering Right to Choose.

A referral via the NHS right to choose:

In the NHS, patients have the right to choose the hospital or clinic they wish to be treated at, the doctor or healthcare professional they wish to see, and the type of care they wish to receive. Patients are also entitled to receive information about their condition, treatment options and expected outcomes, as well as access to their medical records. Patients also have the right to express their views and preferences about their care, and these should be respected by the healthcare professionals. You have a right to do this on behalf of your child.

You do not have a legal right to choose if:

  • you need urgent or emergency treatment;
  • you already receive care and treatment for the condition;
  • the organisation or clinical team you’ve chosen does not provide the right care for your condition;
  • you’re a prisoner or on temporary release from prison;
  • you’re detained in prescribed accommodation, such as a court, secure children’s home, secure training centre, immigration removal centre or young offender institution;
  • you’re detained in a secure hospital setting;
  • you’re a serving member of the armed forces;
  • you’re detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.
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When you visit your GP take this letter with you. Your GP will be able to help you with the current list of providers and waiting times. You can check here for reference before your appointment: Right to choose providers.