Our Charity Partner – Dogs for Autism

At SenLife our mission is to improve the lives of neurodiverse families, and as such we have chosen a charity partner with a similar mission. We will be giving a percentage of our profits to the wonderful charity Dogs for Autism.

Dogs for Autism is a charity that offers free assistance dogs to individuals with autism, regardless of age or location, within the UK. The charity recognises that independence, access to education, employment and the wider community are privileges that are often taken for granted. Unfortunately, those supported by the charity face significant barriers to fully experiencing their world. However, with the aid of an assistance dog, potential is unlocked in a way that other interventions cannot match. Dogs for Autism provides a vital lifeline to those without comparable support. The training of these life-changing assistance dogs typically takes two years, and all forms of funding will contribute towards these costs.

Assistance dogs trained by Dogs for Autism offer a range of benefits to autistic people, including safety outside the home, increased independence and reduced anxiety and sensory overload. With the added assistance of their dogs, the autistic recipients are better able to access education, public spaces, schools, colleges, work or even medical appointments, while also developing communication and social skills. Autism assistance dogs can help individuals develop stronger relationships and feel more connected to their chosen communities.

Like SenLife, Dogs for Autism was founded for very personal reasons. Its founder, Hilary Armour, was unable to find an assistance dog for her son, Marcus. Hilary used her experience to ‘owner-train’ a dog for Marcus.  Their lives changed. Hilary is a qualified dog trainer, animal behaviourist and special needs teacher.  She identified the huge need for these special dogs for families who are desperate for support. In 2018 she started Dogs for Autism.

Dogs for Autism are proud to offer their services to autistic people free of charge but rely entirely on grants and donations to cover the costs of training and maintaining the dogs. It costs approximately £25,000 to train and care for each dog, and every donation helps continue to provide life-changing assistance to those in need.

If you would like to donate to this brilliant cause please visit www.dogsforautism.org.uk.
Dogs for Autism is registered charity 1181615.