What Is a Local Offer?


You do not need to have a diagnosis to access services via the NHS.

HOWEVER the reality is the services are becoming more scarce as funding has eroded in recent years. These services vary hugely by local authority in terms of the offer itself, as well as availability and opportunity. 

Every Local Authority has a Local Offer:

A Local Offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families information about what support services the local authority thinks will be available in their local area.

A father is hugging his child before putting him to bed.

You can simply google your local authority to find your Local Offer.

Warning! The Local Offer websites can contain a lot of information which to some will be welcome but to others overwhelming. Ensure you enlist the help of your SenCo or GP to help decipher what your Local Offer can mean for you in terms of available services. 

“You do not require a diagnosis to trigger the services available via the local Offer. The quality or availability of the services will differ greatly depending on your local authority but you have a right to access these services and understand what is available to you. You do need a diagnosis if you wish to seek medication for ADHD.