The App

SenLife app is designed to help parents and caregivers manage the daily needs of their child. The app is easy to use and is based on evidence-based content developed in partnership with ND experts and advocates.

Behavior tracking

The app includes a behavior tracking feature that allows parents and caregivers to monitor their child’s progress and track any changes in their behavior. This can be especially helpful for identifying triggers or patterns that may be contributing to challenging behaviors.


Clear overview of child at a


Support Needs

Behaviour Support

Routines and Schedules

Creation of daily routines using templates

Use routines to build a detailed daily schedule

Ability to edit in real time

Share and Feedback

Clear editable schedule to share with a child’s carer support circle

All members of the carer circle can addenda share feedback 

Being able to record and communicate the routines of children with ND enables them to be happier and more settled at home, in transit, at school and in other settings.

Brings all necessary information into one place, with a carer feedback option, it’s a dramatic improvement in the ability of everyone involved in the circle of care to be fully-informed and in real-time.

Parents/Primary carers are no longer isolated with easy access to the ND community. Gain crucial access to information and experts to enable much needed support to all members of the ND circle of care.

Complex experience

The app and web platform work together to provide families with a seamless and integrated experience across devices. The web platform provides additional resources and features, such as access to expert advice and training modules for parents and caregivers.

Be one of the first to get access

Gain early access to the app’s features and resources. Be among the first to know when the app is available for download, getting a chance to get a head start in managing your child’s needs. Receive exclusive discounts or promotions when the app is launched, making it a great way to save money and support the app’s mission.